Payroll 101: How to Pay Employees in a Small Business

Small businesses are the breath of fresh air in this economy. They could be the ones to make your favorite cup of coffee before work or the only places you trust to receive personalized customer service. With every smile and simple greeting you get walking into a small business, you become that much happier. Just like every other business, income and happy employees keep the engine running. One of the best ways to keep an employee happy is to have a payroll company…

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How to Switch Payroll Providers

As a company transitions through various stages of business development, the dynamics of the company goes through a metamorphosis as well. To continue to operate efficiently and effectively companies often add or change services to suit their needs. Sometimes when you grow, what used to work well before is now not cutting the cheese. New processes, new systems, and software need to be implemented over time to meet your business's demand. Yes, sometimes even your payroll service & HR solutions need to…

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