Transition From Employee To Entrepreneurship

Starting The Path of Entrepreneurship Make up your mind that you are going to be one or the other and don’t look back. Decide if you are going to be an entrepreneur for the rest of your life or an employee who will work for someone else. Choose to grow up the corporate ladder, accept a position that provides security, certainty, and a cushy salary. The alternative is a position that has no glass ceiling, no person to report to, unfathomable earning…

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Ordinance 31181 – Dallas Businesses Must Provide Employees Paid Sick Pay

The city of Dallas has passed ordinance 31181 on April 24th, 2019 to improve the health, safety, and welfare of employees who work and reside in the city of Dallas. This additional ordinance focuses on “Earned Paid Sick Time” which requires local employers to establish and implement a written paid sick time policy within their employee handbooks.  This added requirement allows employees to take leave for work to take care of themselves or a “close family member”. Furthermore, employees have more flexibility…

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Payroll Outsourcing Costs Businesses Money: 9 Risk Factors to Consider

  I have heard the phrase “price is not everything” many times in my life. I've been told that being cheap often sometimes will “get you what you paid for.” The most profound piece of advice that I received about spending money came from an old man in passing. I was debating if I should save a few dollars and buy some fast food from a drive-through dollar menu or visit a small-town gourmet burger restaurant. The man said to me, “If…

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Should Your Company Outsource Payroll?

Is it better to outsource payroll or use an in-house method to pay employees? Every business does not have to outsource their payroll. Sometimes it makes good business sense not to make any changes and keep payroll in-house. I often advise small businesses to stay put with their current in-house method. I usually make this recommendation when businesses have less than twenty employees. Some companies allow their office manager, staff accountant or comptroller to handle payroll processing as a function of their…

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Save On Employee Health Insurance Costs by Self Insuring

Self Funded Health Insurance Plans Reduce Company Costs We are often led to believe that risk is bad and nothing good can come of it. It's commonly associated with being a victim of identity theft, loss of property, or losing your invested investment portfolio overnight. This kind of thinking ultimately results in thousands of dollars a month to hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted annually. These companies that I am referencing in this post are all relatively small businesses ranging from…

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