Marketing Your Business During A Recession

If you’re your primary growth model for your business was through word of mouth or through channels that were not digital, you’ll likely experience a larger decline in business than those that have a strong online presence through search engines like google and google maps. Your business model must have many legs to stand on. Instead of walking like a human, you have to be more like a spider and have multiple channels of revenue. With the coronavirus becoming a pandemic and…

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How to Generate New Business Leads That Actually Matter

The United States will spend a whopping $120 billion on digital marketing by the year 2021. Business Lead generation is part of this progressive growth in the use of digital advertising to push goods and services. The idea of generating leads is no longer alien to digital marketers, considering the growing access to personal information. However, a more salient question is how to generate leads that matter. With the ever-changing scope of customer-related preferences and interests, it may be needful to understand how to create…

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