Everything You Need To Know About Disability Insurance

Disability insurance has become an increasingly valuable part of a comprehensive employee benefits package. Not only does disability insurance fill the gaps in financial protection offered by other programs like Social Security, but it is also a highly sought-after component of a competitive benefits package for employers who need to attract and retain talented employees. And while employees appreciate the peace of mind they receive as their income replacement benefits are being paid, employers can use the resources offered by insurers to…

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Protect Your Employees: A Guide to Small Business Health Insurance

Managing insurance needs can be difficult for small businesses. Small business health insurance is important for both employers and their employees. There are a lot of options available. Choosing the right plan is important for the health of your business and your employees. Consider this post your guide to all things related to insurance for small businesses. We're going to cover the most popular kinds of insurance plans, why small businesses should consider offering insurance, and a few tips on how to find…

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Annual Open Enrollment Checklist

  Open enrollment can be an extremely positive and rewarding experience for you and your employees. Consider the following suggestions to help you prepare for a successful open enrollment period this year. Pre-enrollment Period Plan ahead: Be ready to answer employee questions regarding health care reform legislation. Understand how the legislation affects your benefits offerings and be prepared to share this knowledge with employees. Make a list of anything new and exciting that will enhance your open enrollment processes. Plan to communicate…

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 20 Costly Employee Benefits & HR Mistakes

Mistakes in employee benefits and human resources can be quite costly to employers—in the form of extra benefits, complaints, lawsuits, government-assessed fines and penalties, and attorney fees, to name a few. Don’t learn the hard way what these mistakes are.   Not timely depositing employee contributions into qualified retirement plans. sometimes wait too long to deposit salary deferrals into a qualified retirement plan. According to the Department of Labor (DOL), such deposits should be made as soon as the contributions can be…

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Read more about the article Employee Medical Benefits: Self-funded vs. Fully Insured
Health Insurance Concept - Doctor in hospital with health insurance related icon graphic interface showing healthcare people, money planning, risk management, medical treatment and coverage benefit.

Employee Medical Benefits: Self-funded vs. Fully Insured

  All group medical benefit plans fall into one of two categories: self-funded or fully insured. The choice of one over the other should not be made arbitrarily. Each type carries its own set of administrative rules and legal constraints.   What is Self-funding Health Insurance? Under an insured health benefit plan, an insurance company assumes the financial and legal risk of loss in exchange for a fixed premium paid to the carrier by the employer. Employers with self-funded (or self-insured) plans…

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