Essential Marketing Strategies For The Real Estate Industry

 Essential Marketing Strategies For The Real Estate Industry


Working in the real estate industry can be feast or famine. Your cup can run over with wine or be reminiscent of a dry well in the desert. The industry has been nicknamed the “Ultimate Hussle” because you always have to be on a mission to search for the next client. One month can be amazing with multiple closing and the next month…. Not so much. So how does one go about being consistently successful?

I’ve seen this a thousand times already. People think that they are just going to blow up using social media. “I’ll post on social media over and over and then somehow, I’ll be famous, and people will DM me and I’ll sell houses left and right. Trust me, it does not work that way. It’s not going to be anyone’s holy grail money maker. Spending a significant portion of your daily agenda marketing your business through social media is not going to yield the best return that you hope for.

I believe the better way for real estate brokers and realtors to attract home buyers and investors is through a robust marketing strategy. A well-rounded strategy with multiple channels to generate more inbound leads, lending itself to more consistent closings.

Get Your Own Real Estate Website (Not your Broker Website)

Many real estate agents get a web page set up on their broker’s domain and believe they own a website. Unfortunately, many agents are duped into believing this. Simply put, agents have a landing page on their broker’s website. Some may ask why this is a bad idea and not see the bigger picture.  The problems at hand boil down to the fact that anything you do to promote your brand all belongs to the brokerage. All online website traffic google rankings and leads go directly to the broker. If it were me, I’d want to receive the fruit of my labor. I’d rather brand my name, received traffic on my website, and have leads and customers come directly to me as opposed to a company I do no own.

Reason #1 Create your own Book of Business

My number #1 piece of advice to real estate professionals is to get your website, it is a must! Once you have your website, you can captivate your audience, develop a following that you don’t have to share with anyone. All your hard work is credited directly to you, and when your preparation meets the opportunity, you win.

Reason #2 – You don’t have to buy leads, you can generate leads on your website

If you rank your website on google with the right content and marketing strategy, it will help you attract clients. Believe it or not, you’ll drastically reduce or eliminate the need to purchase leads altogether. The leads will all be on your website looking or houses and reading content.

Make sure you have a contact form on your website that asks your visitors questions

  • Contact Info: Name, Phone Number & Email Address (Mandatory)
  • How many bedrooms they are looking for?
  • What’s your price range?
  • What’s your timeline of purchase: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
  • Have you been pre-qualified for a mortgage?


How To Qualifying Real Estate Leads

It’s good to know where you stand with prospective clients upfront.  Make sure your inquiry forms ask the right question so you can properly qualify your prospects. Unfortunately, there are people out there disguised as a prospect interested in a new home, but truly are just perusing your listings while readily being available to waste your time.

Reason #3 –keep in touch with all your open house visitors via email marketing.

Once someone attends an open house and provides you with their contact information, your brokerage or realtor can keep taps on them throughout the home buying process. By sending helpful content to those clients you are more likely to get them to engage with you through your website at a later date.

Periodically send all prospects helpful information so they can make informed decisions. A newsletter can be a powerful marketing tool allowing you to re-engage potential homebuyers and provide them solutions to some pressing questions they may have.  In exchange, they might ask you to show them a few houses since you were so helpful and persistent.

Reason #4 – Blogging is the key to selling real estate

One of your goals should be to become a local tour guide and position yourself as the person who knows all about the communities in your city. The more communities you recommend to your digital prospects, the more engagement you’ll get in return.

Don’t just give a virtual tour of a property, it won’t provide all the value needed to enamor prospects and get them thinking about making a life decision. Get your clients to envision living within a community before they even arrive to look at the property. After all, owning a home is the epitome of the American Dream. So, make sure you provide all the small touches leading to feelings of excitement and glee.

Being a subject matter expert in the digital world allows you also to be a knowledgeable and well-known agent or brokerage in your geographic region. The cherry on the chocolate fudge Sunday is Google Rankings associated with your likeness. If you talk about real estate, you will get more visibility for what you promote.

 Real Estate Blog Ideas

Make sure the home comes to life with imagery that helps them to fall in love with the community and the city as well. provide all the pieces that inspire clients and make them feel as if they have arrived at a new chapter of greatness.   Include helpful information that gives prospective buyers a glimpse of what it’s will be like to live in the residential community you sell homes in. Here is are some topics that add value to buyers and investors.

Turtle Creek Residential Community


  • Education: Include statistics on local school districts, Private & charter schools for persons with younger children. Also, mention prestigious colleges and universities in the region.
  • Demographics: Diversity lends itself to a wealth of historical & cultural experiences. Makes sure you highlight the most popular venues to your readers.
  • Economy: Shed some light on how well the city is growing while mentioning some of the industries and top companies that contribute to the success of the city. Is your city community a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs? If so, list any resources that your city can offer business owners or investors also.
  • Cost of Living: Having more dollars in your pocket after all your expenses are paid is a good feeling and a good selling point. Here in Texas, we don’t have a state income tax so mentioning any cost savings opportunities should entice a buyer to take a more in-depth look at what’s on the table.
  • Climate: Elaborate on what the weather is like from season to season. Mention any annual festivities that take place in each season, so readers have something to look at throughout the year.
  • Popular entertainment: such as downtown/uptown areas, sports teams, local attractions, Nice restaurants, outdoor activities including parks and botanical gardens.
  • Transportation: How walkable is your city? Are there communities with quick access to amenities within a few blocks? For your clients traveling for business, can they quickly get to the airport or commute across town? Does public transportation add convenience to one’s commute?

Provide Solutions to Consumers Problems Thru  Social Media 

I previously mentioned reeling in customers that want what you have to offer.  To do this, you need to first publish information in the blog section of your business website. The second step is to share your published content with social media outlets. Social media is most effective when used accordingly. Share informing and engaging content to draw in your relevant audience.

For Example, write an article titled “Top Ten Things to do before buying a home.” post it on multiple social media platforms, and additionally as a paid advertisement amplify your reach. Being a helpful know it all guy (or gal) makes you an authority figure in your industry which does lend itself to receiving phone calls from people that want your assistance finding the perfect home for their family.

SEO tips for small businesses

When you become relevant and popular in your industry and you have a large audience, guess what you’ll get? Great google rankings for your brokerage or personal realtor website! If you’re good at what you do… you will rank for google keywords terms similarly to:

  • Best neighborhoods in Dallas (Searched 1900 times a month)
  • Homes for sale in Dallas Tx (Searched 9900 times a month)
  • Houses for rent in Dallas Tx (Searched +9000 times a month)
  • Commercial Real Estate Dallas (Searched 1000 times a month)
  • Homes for sale in Frisco Tx (Searched +5000 times a month)
  • Homes for sale Fort Worth TX (Searched 6600 times a month)

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