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Next Generation Payroll is not your typical payroll provider business, and neither is your business just like all of the other businesses out there. We are committed to learning about your business and taking a consultative approach to understanding your payroll needs and the goals you’d like to achieve. We design our services for you, while providing you with experienced, trustworthy consultants to help grow and protect your investment in your business.

A Payroll Processing Company With Business Solutions

We would like to invest in your business by discussing strategies that you can implement NOW, which gives you the results and success you may need. We exist so that we can be at your side, assisting you in reaching above and beyond your business objectives. When we take a load off of you, we are helping you to keep expenses and taxes to a minimum, grow your revenue and client base, maintain business operations, and better manage employee and customer relations. Allow us to learn about you and your business, so we can explore solutions to solve issues our business community commonly faces. Take advantage of our payroll software and allow us to help you achieve a higher level of organization and efficiency. We provide specialized solutions for your business.  

A Payroll Solution For Your Business

Cost-Effective Services For All Businesses

Make payroll processing hassle-free with the help of Next Generation Payroll. Discuss your businesses needs with us and we will gladly work with you to develop a customized solution to help you to streamline your operations and improve administrative efficiency. Schedule a consultation today! Contact us to learn about the unique benefits we offer and what makes us different from the other payroll companies.

Our Core Solutions

Dynamic Payroll Software

Superior software for the small company. Dynamic and scalable to serve a business with a hand full of employees or thousands of employees, on one platform! Pay your employees on weekly, biweekly, or semi-monthly payment schedule.

File 941 Forms

Tax Payment Service

We will promptly handle and file all federal, state, and local tax deposits. We file the following forms: 940, 941, W-2’s, W-3, 1099 + State & Local. Spend more time growing your business, let us file and remit your tax payments.

Employee Payment

Flexible Payment Arrangements

Real-time editing of employee pay statements made simple and quick before payday. Add reimbursement, bonuses and multiple types of deductions with ease. Pay your 1099 contractors, vendors or W-2 employees with ease.

Time Management Software

Time Clock & POS System Sync

Payroll data is automatically synced to Accounting software. Have a POS system or an existing time clock? No worries, we can sync data to payroll with ease.

Prepaid Debit Card

Employee Pay Card

Do you want to avoid handing out paper checks to employees that don't have bank accounts? Send employee's pay directly to VISA debit card (provided at no cost)

Time Management Solutions

Time Management Solutions

Allow employees to clock in using their cell phone at a fixed location or a remote job site. Manage & create schedules while using a biometric time clock, computer login or data import.

Direct Deposit

Allow your employees to be paid directly to their bank account and avoid hand writing and distributing checks.

Employee Self Service

Employee Mobile App

Access everything payroll on your mobile device. See reports, and allow employees to access their pay stubs, clock-in, request time off and access schedule.

labor distribution

Labor Cost Distribution Report

If you need a more robust report of how employees wages are allocated, we can customize employee earnings based on job title, department, location or by a specific worksite.

Job Costing Report

Job Costing Report

Accurately track the labor expenses incurred on a project or specific job.

Certified Payroll

Certified Payroll

Working on a federally funded project? We can product your payroll on the WH-347 form so that you can properly pay employees.

In House Check Printing

In House Check Printing

Print checks to hand to employees for reimbursement, bonuses or off cycle payroll, all you need is check stock.

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Knowledge is Power

Get informed with insights and resources from NexGen Payroll.

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