How Do Small Black-Owned Businesses Find Business Opportunity Leads?

Small businesses always face an uphill battle in the marketplace. Frequent challenges include competing against big box name stores, navigating changing regulations, and raising enough money to get genuine business opportunity leads. If you are a small black-owned business, you especially understand these challenges plus others within the marketplace.

There are over 124,000 black-owned businesses in America. Finding good business opportunity leads can be the difference between your small business making it or faltering out of business after the first year.

Finding valuable business leads can be difficult. Yet it is the most important thing you can do to keep your business thriving long after the difficult first year.

Keep reading to find out how you can create the most valuable business opportunity leads if you are a black-owned business.

Advertise Directly to the Consumer

One effective way to build valuable leads is to advertise and market directly to the needs of the consumer. Forget the standard “rules” of advertising and speak directly to what your buyer wants.

Many successful black-owned businesses have reached extraordinary levels of success. They do this by bypassing industry norms when it comes to advertising.

They find a niche market and take their products and services directly to the consumer.

More and more consumers want to work with inclusive brands that promote equality. Marketing your business this way can help to increase relevant business opportunity leads.

Partner With Community Groups

A great resource just waiting to be tapped for small black-owned businesses is to partner with community groups in your area. This works whether you have a brick and mortar store or are completely digital.

Local leads are most likely going to be your greatest asset. The reasoning is that people enjoy supporting local businesses.

Sponsoring and partnering with community groups will also help increase the visibility of your business. It will put a face to the business and humanize it, making people more likely to support it.

You can capitalize the built in audience that supports the community group. There are some community partners that look to highlight small black-owned businesses, especially those run by women.

Partnering with the right group can help boost successful sales leads that can lead to record profits for your business.

Connect with a Digital Marketing Agency

Even if you have a traditional brick and mortar store, you need to focus on your digital presence. Connecting with a digital marketing agency can help increase your business opportunity leads.

Marketing professionals can help fine tune and elevate your advertising and lead generation tactics. They do this through increased inbound marketing, wider content distribution, improved business visibility, and providing you with a competitive analysis.

The right digital marketing agency can help to boost your sales by improving your SEO ranking on search engines as well.

Spend Time Focusing on the Right Leads

The quality of the business leads is what makes them valuable. You do not want to be wasting your precious time chasing after leads that never materialize into a sale or purchase.

But how do you separate out the quality leads over the ones that lead to nowhere?

You can do this by focusing on the lead generation tactics that have been proven to work time and time again. Of the best lead generation methods, email marketing remains to be one of the most effective ways of building quality business opportunity leads.

However, do not go looking to cast the widest net possible when building an email list. Collecting every email or piece of contact information you can will not immediately translate into sales.

Instead, offer something valuable in trade for the email. This can be an e-book, holiday gift guide, or other information about a relevant service you offer.

By doing this, you are getting the emails and contact information of people who are genuinely interested in the services or products your business offers and who are much more likely to complete a sale.

Reach Out to Your Local Government

Another way of finding good business opportunity leads as a small black-owned business is to find local government programs that can help boost your business.

There are many programs and grants offered by local municipalities. These are specifically designed to help small black-owned businesses succeed. It can be worth it to check your county or city website to see what is available.

Depending on where you live, government resources can pay off by helping you find valuable leads in your area.

Making the Most of Your Business Opportunity Leads

Once you have collected valuable business opportunity leads, make sure you capitalize on them.

It is critical to not waste any time. Do not let the leads sit in an email database. Reach out and have frequent contact with these leads.

Provide them with relevant information about your business and offer them value.

Get Help Finding Business Opportunity Leads Today

Many small businesses fail in their first year of operations. The ones that do not have to work extremely hard to make it past five years.

Let’s buck that trend. Make your small business a success by finding high quality business opportunity leads.

If you are ready to grow your business to its full potential, it is time to partner with the experienced lead generation experts, Next Generation Payroll to guide you through that growth.

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