Small Business Health Insurance

Surely you have seen advertisements for affordable health insurance and have been let down. Learn how to structure your health insurance policy to receive a refund for unused benefits, reduce overall costs and increase access to care. Group policies are available for small business groups with a just a couple of employees or large group plans for dozens to hundreds of employees.

Self-Funded Health Insurance

Self-funded health insurance can significantly reduce the overhead costs associated with
traditional health care coverage. Along with the benefit of lower premiums and certain tax
breaks. Thus,  enables better control over your financial reserves without sacrificing the quality
of health care coverage for your employees.

Creating a Self-funded pool of resources can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance – Its especially beneficial the younger and healthier your staff is. The cool thing about it self-funding is that businesses can turn underutilized health insurance coverage into a rebate or return of premium instead of continuing to dish out dollars unnecessarily.

Healthcare Solution For Your Business

The Essential Benefits Package Every Employees Needs

Make payroll processing hassle-free with the help of Next Generation Payroll. Discuss your businesses needs with us and we will gladly work with you to develop a customized solution to help you to streamline your operations and improve administrative efficiency. Schedule a consultation today! Contact us to learn about the unique benefits we offer and what makes us different from the other payroll companies.

Our Core Solutions


Vision insurance is designed to help you cover and budget for ongoing vision care expenses like routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Give your employees the flexibility to choose from a range of benefit levels, all with access to the largest national network of independent eye doctors and thousands of retail chain locations across the country. Our vision plans provide: Coverage for annual exams Covers or offsets the cost of correction lenses (glasses or contacts) + frames


Dental insurance commonly covers 100% of routine preventative and diagnostic care. It covers about 80% of the costs associated with basic procedures like fillings and root canals. While providing around 50% coverage of major restorative care such as bridges, crowns or dentures. We offer competitive and flexible dental plans for employers who want to offer dental coverage to their employees. Dental insurance benefit plans can be 100% employer- paid, 100% employee-paid or a setup as a shared cost between the employer/employee.

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Critical Care

Critical Care Insurance provides coverage for you and your dependents if a covered medical condition is diagnosed. Think along the lines of Aflac Insurance. Afraid of coming down with a major medical condition? You can receive a lump sum check to help you cover the costs of medical bills, and other expenses associate with being ill, while supplementing your income. It’s a great benefit to extend to employees with the flexibility to be labeled as a voluntary benefit the employee can pay through payroll deductions. So, if you are concerned about employee retention, this would be a great benefit to gift to your employees in exchange for longevity and continuity.

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