We Are Your Employer of Record

Let us handle your company’s administrative tasks such as payroll, employee benefits administration, recruiting, onboarding, and termination.  We provide all the back-office support you need while you can focus on growing and operating your business. 

The Benefits of An Employer Of Record

An employer of record (EOR) is a third-party organization that becomes the full legal employer of your workforce and assumes all employer-related responsibilities and tasks on behalf of your company. An EOR takes on a company’s human resources responsibilities and onboards, pays, and manages your supported employees while you maintain and control the day-to-day operations.

Some of the services that a EOR provides:

  • Drafts and maintains locally compliant employment contracts
  • Manages all payroll and tax withholdings
  • Pays supported employees on time
  • Offers comprehensive and statutory benefits
  • Ensures compliance with terminations and offboarding
  • Avoid employee/contractor misclassification 
  • Provides ongoing support on local labor laws and regulations
  • Strategic HR guidance & Risk Management

Considering An Employer Of Record Arrangement?

Employee outsourcing Has its Benefits

When you outsource your employees to Next Generation Payroll, we step in to provide the core infrastructure your company needs to thrive. Organizations that  don’t an in-house Human Resource professional gain administrative support, specialized guidance, tax compliance, robust technology solutions and more. 

A Host of Benefits

Access To Enterprise Software Tools

When you subscribe to an employer-of-record arrangement, you gain access to industry-leading software solutions for payroll, HR, time management, learning management, and more. Advanced software solutions help businesses to scale while operating efficiently.

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Reduced Tax Liability & Tax Filings

You never have to worry about payroll tax liabilities again as the EOR will be responsible for all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. With fewer tax obligations to worry about, businesses can focus their time and resources on more pertinent operations.

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Manage Recruiting and Onboarding

In recent times, it has become difficult to find and attract talent to fill open positions within the workforce. Leave it to the professionals to interview, hire and onboard the right fit employee to help you run your business.

Payroll Administration

We handle all of your companies payroll needs with an enterprise-level payroll system that works well for organizations operating with multiple departments across

HR Consultant

Experienced HR Consultants

Our team of tenured HR professionals works with your organization to ensure compliance while building a workplace where people can thrive.

healthcare staffing & Recruiting

Reduced Costs Employee Benefits

Allow an insurance consultant to strategically create benefits packages that maximize savings and aid in the retention of your workforce. We Automate the enrollment process and help your employees select their coverage options.

Time Management Solutions

Labor Law Compliance

We ensure that the labor law guidelines are followed according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Human Resource Management

Unemployment Admininistration

We will make the best judgment regarding approving or denying unemployment claims within a 5 day period.

Recruiting service for construction industry

Workplace Safety & Wellness

Ensure your workplace is free of incidents and receive advice on how to keep your workforce healthy and productive.

labor distribution

Workers Compensation Administration

We will ensure that your employee's wages are protected by workers' compensation insurance. Claims will also be handled by our team of professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About EOR?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) acts as a co-employer and mainly provides HR administrative support and benefits for a company. An employer of record (EoR) acts as the legal employer of an organization’s employees and assumes all responsibility for employee-related functions. 

An EoR agreement adds the convenience of human resource support, payroll, and administrative support in a cost-effective manner. Employers can focus their efforts on more pressing business matters. 

Small and medium-sized businesses often seen an employer or record agreement when they desire administrative support  without having to dedicate a substantial amount of capital to fund an human resource department.   

Some employers are attracted to the EOR business model to aid in their ability to obtain favorable workers compensation insurance rates and assistance with workers compensation insurance claims management.

Other companies like the idea of finding the most inexpensive benefits packages to offer their employees. 

There are a few ways in which an employer of record helps businesses save on employee benefits premiums. Since an EOR has a larger pool of employees than most businesses, their premium cost per employee tends to be cheaper. Coupled with available rebate/refund incentives and EOR can help drive down costs.

The EoR handles all matters related to recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and termination on behalf of the client. 

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