Time Theft Prevention during Remote Work

Time theft in the workplace is a common and expensive problem across industries. If not addressed, it can cost employers time, money and customers. In fact, the American Payroll Association found that 75% of businesses in the United States are affected by time theft every year. Another study estimates that time theft costs U.S. employers more than $400 billion per year in lost productivity. When employees are working remotely, it’s harder to detect and prevent all types of fraud. This article explores…

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Effective Communication: The Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks explain the relationship and responsibilities of the employee and employer. In addition, they also provide clear communication on a variety of employment policies, and topics. A well-written employee handbook establishes guides for the workplace and protects the employer from liability. Employee Handbook Purpose: A Guide Handbooks specify expectations, rules and compensation. A comprehensive employee handbook will serve as a guide to employees and include information regarding compensation, benefits, dress code, human resources issues, time off, and workers’ compensation. Employees should…

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What Are the Benefits of Having a PEO? 6 Advantages for Both You and Your Employees

As a business owner, you probably have too much on your plate, from crunching the numbers, being the face of the company to managing your employees. Even small business owners can find the whole business-running affair a tad overwhelming. However, PEOs would gladly take a huge load off your back, and here’s how they do it. If you’ve never heard of PEO, then maybe you’re not cut for business- no, we’re kidding. If you’ve never heard of PEO and the benefits of…

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HR Audits

HR audits are an objective, systematic review of a company’s HR policies, procedures, strategic direction, structure, resources, and ultimately, its contribution to the organization. Moreover, audits offers the opportunity to protect the company, establish best practices and identify areas for improvement, and can help evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and/or effective. HR audits are essential for companies to ensure that they are avoiding any legal or regulatory liability associated with their HR policies and practices. Audits also provide the…

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How a PEO Differs From a Staffing Agency and the Benefits for Your Business

Did you know that about 80% of employee turnover results from bad hiring decisions? If there's one thing you should never compromise, it's getting the right staff for your company. Fortunately, you can use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or a staffing agency to get top talents. As a business owner, understanding PEO and staffing agency will give you significant leverage when hiring. You’ll understand their benefits and downsides to guide your decision-making. Keep reading our comprehensive guide to know more about the…

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