4 Perks That Companies Can Offer Employees To Improve Employee Moral

 Say goodbye to the days of bargaining over basic health insurance coverage with a potential new employer. These days, companies are doing everything they can to lure healthcare workers to join their teams due to the changing needs of the working class. KBI notes that Millennials have very different expectations of a work environment than their parents had just a couple of decades ago. Today, Next Generation Payroll shares some of the most unique offerings that catch the attention of the next generation of workers.  Below is a list of perks that make a difference 


1. Catered Lunches 

After a long day (or hour) of work, SnackNation points out that providing spot awards can go a long way for overextended healthcare workers. Employers can make inroads with employee morale when this becomes a regular occurrence, and it ensures workers are eating a healthy meal that sends them back to the shift energized and ready to go! 


2. Continuing Education Assistance

On a more serious note, employers can entice potential workers with offers of free job-related tuition assistance. This perk can help retain employees and keep them happy.  That’s a win-win for both company and its employees. For example, employees who already have a bachelor’s degree could work toward earning their master’s. Online education offers employees the flexibility to handle all that life or work throws at them while completing their degree. 


4. Career Counseling

While it may sound counterintuitive, offering an in-house career counselor to employees has many benefits, including increased productivity, higher-quality workers, and better retention. Instead of looking outside the company for advice on how to advance their career, employees work within the organization to find a mutually beneficial career path. 

Hiring a career counselor outside of the company can be an expensive ordeal. Having this resource free of charge within the company may seem to be too good to be true but is another example of companies keeping employees happy to look internally for their next career move. 


4. Massage Benefits

If a free lunch isn’t enough to help people relax during or after work, then a massage is surely the benefit to do the trick. Massages on the job aren’t just a fun way to sell a company to prospective employees. Studies into massage therapy at work show that employees who receive this soothing form of relaxation have more energy and better productivity, and even help create a healthier work culture and environment. Though it may sound like a stunt for employers to offer free massages at the workplace, it has shown to be a helpful tool in employee retention and well-being.   

The sky’s the limit for employers offering creative ideas for employee benefits. Earlier generations may have had to accept only basic medical benefits, which are surprisingly optional for employers to offer. Fortunately, businesses are realizing the importance of treating their employees with compassion and respect, and now many workers expect much more.  

We have entered an era where self-care and work/life balance are common phrases and ways of life. And, in reality, it should have been that way all along. Companies that want to keep their employees have gotten the memo and are offering unique perks that go well beyond basic health and financial benefit offerings. If you want to keep top-quality and loyal employees, it’s best to understand what perks people are looking for and consider offering them in your business. 


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