Offering Life Insurance: The Basics

Life insurance is one of the most common employer-provided benefits. This article covers the basics you should know, from types of coverage to promoting it to your employees. Types of Life Insurance Life insurance is divided into two categories: term and permanent. Term life insurance has a specified coverage period (term), but can usually be renewed or converted into a permanent policy at the end of a term. Premiums are generally affordable initially, but can increase substantially when renewed. Permanent life insurance…

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HR Audits

HR audits are an objective, systematic review of a company‚Äôs HR policies, procedures, strategic direction, structure, resources, and ultimately, its contribution to the organization. Moreover, audits offers the opportunity to protect the company, establish best practices and identify areas for improvement, and can help evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and/or effective. HR audits are essential for companies to ensure that they are avoiding any legal or regulatory liability associated with their HR policies and practices. Audits also provide the…

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