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Whether you are starting a business, growing dynamically,or have already reached a sustainable business model. Next Generation Payroll knows that being successful in any economic climate is important to everyone. Businesses across every industry have this same goal in mind, and so do we. We define success by our ability to build up and support our clients in our community. Our mission, vision, and purpose are all the same – help you get to where you want to go and beyond.

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Efficient human resource management and payroll processing are crucial in any business operation. Make sure that your employees are well-compensated and their taxes are properly filed with the help of Next Generation Payroll. Make the most of our payroll services and allow us to handle all your human resource and payroll management needs.

Get The Business Solutions You Need In One Place

We have your small business covered and can provide you with the most relevant solutions businesses of all sizes need. We can provide you with the payroll, HR, and insurance solutions you need with no problem. But why stop there? We supply the resources you need to advance your company whether you have a hand full of employees or a few thousand employees, we can support you! Take a look at our complete suite of services. 

Payroll Services

We'll handled all of your tax payments at the federal, state and local level. Well pay your employees with ease as you can focus on running your business. We have all the functionality you need simply you business processes.

Interim HR Director

We do all things HR from creating forms, to standard operating procedures, custom employee handbooks creation, leadership training, and conflict resolution. Let know where you need help and we'll create solutions for you.

Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Looking to grow your companies revenue? We have proven strategies that help businesses to grow their brand and attract more clients and increase your revenue streams.

Group Insurance Broker

Did you know that businesses are eligible for rebates for providing employee benefits? Connect with our insurance brokers to help you find insurance plans that best fits your business.

A Dynamic HRIS System

Digitize and automate your HR department today. Conduct leadership training, performance reviews, asset management, EEO-1 & ACA reporting all online. Upload a W-4 & I-9 on our portal and hire an employee virtually.

Learning Management System

Store all of your eLearning materials in one location. Stay up-to-date with current compliance regulations and pertinent certifications. Your employees can receive the same high-quality training, no matter where they are.

Staffing & Recruiting

We can help you to hire people that have the right combination of skills, experience and character to succeed in your workplace.

Pre-employment Screening

Implementing pre-employment drug screening for new employees can help aid in the selection of the most ideal candidates for a job.

Criminal Background Check

Conducting background checks improves your bottom line by reducing internal theft, workplace accidents while improving the overall quality of hire.

Payroll & HR Solutions Designed To Grow at The Speed of Your Business

New Hire Reporting

Plan on hiring employees? Federal and state law typically requires employers to report new hires within 20 day or less. No problem for us, we will take care of it for you.

Mobile App For Employees

Free up more of your time by allowing employees to access their pay history, pay stubs and W-2’s at their convenience. Employees can even submit time off requests on their own personal webpage or via our mobile app!

Access Payroll Online

We give you the ability to securely manage and process your payroll 24/7.

State Unemployment Claims

We will help you respond to unemployment claims in a timely fashion and remain in compliance with the state. SUI tax rates may fluctuate from year to year and are influenced by turnover rates, as well as the number of unemployment claims submitted. Our clients received assistance in developing strategies to control their SUI tax rate and decrease expenses.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of offering your employees direct deposit.

Instantly Customize Reports

Drag and drop your data in the order your heart desires. Customized your reports just the way you like it. Export the information in the format of your choosing.

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Time Off Accrual

Accrue and track used vacation, sick, and PTO hours. Remaining/Used PTO hours are shown online and on employee pay stubs.

Certified Payroll Reporting

Working on government-funded projects? We submit your payroll reports in the appropriate format so you can meet reporting requirements in a hurry.

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Wage Garnishment Services

We will keep your business in compliance by helping you remit employees’ financial obligations to government agencies and financial institutions.

Quickbooks Online Integration

Your payroll data will automatically sync to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online after every payroll run. Export your data to any other accounting software with ease.

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Tax Payment Service

Spend more time growing your business, let us file your taxes and remit payments automatically. We will promptly handle and file all federal, state, and local tax deposits. We file the following forms: 940, 941, W-2’s, W-3, 1099 + State & Local

In-House Check Printing

Our software allows you to print live ready to go checks right way! just add check stock and you can pay employees on the spot. Why wait to have checks delivered? Print them yourself and save on delivery fees.

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Labor Distribution and Job Costing Report

Helps determine your total expenses per department or job.

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Manage Your Business and Let us Run Payroll

As a small business ourselves, we understand your need for effective payroll processing and human resource management. Let us handle all the paperwork while you focus on making your business more successful. From tax services to financial planning, we have all your needs covered. Schedule a consultation today! Give us a call to learn more about our payroll service company and how we can help you.

Knowledge is Power

Get informed with insights and resources from NexGen Payroll.

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